Webinar: Creating your brand (and how to not get burned in the process)

Your personal brand is essential in differentiating yourself in the business world. In this webinar, Wendy Feik Pinkerton teaches you how to develop your own unique value proposition to achieve your personal and professional goals. You’ll also hear from other Zoetis leaders about how they built their personal brands and the impact it had on their careers.


Wendy Feik Pinkerton is a senior manager - US industry relations for Zoetis. She taught her colleagues how to develop their own personal brands and wants to help you do the same. Her areas of expertise include livestock and food production, animal care, agriculture and other science-based issues.

This webinar was recorded The Power of Your Personal Brand Summit presented by the Zoetis Women’s Council.

Contact the presenter:
Wendy Feik Pinkerton
Senior Manager, U.S. Industry Relations
Mobile: 217.255.2548 | wendy.pinkerton@zoetis.com